A Bikers Paradise

The Canadian Rockies around Alberta’s Banff National Park provides stunning road and mountain biking trails perfect for any cyclists. Road biking enthusiasts can appreciate the wide shoulders on all main highways, while mountain cyclists are free to enjoy the various designated trails both with spectacular views and unique landscapes. Trails vary from easy to expert with many marked out paths and tours for you to experience. The biking season in the Canadian rockies typically extends from May to October.

Mountain Biking in the Banff National Park

Whether you are an experienced biker or looking for a family friendly experience, the Banff National Park has more than 360km of cycling trails perfect for every skill level. Bike through the rocky mountains, deep valleys, and beautiful glaciers for the ultimate serine activity.

Bike trails throughout the park are designated and many are family friendly. Sundance trail is the perfect route for a kid-friendly 1 hour trail serving a with picnic area at the end. If you are looking for a more extreme ride, we suggest checking out the rocky Stoney Squaw Trail. Into free-riding? Ride over to Star Wars Trail for an exhilarating series of jumps and a crazy curved wall.

Road Cycling in Banff National Park

Curvy elevating roads and deep turns create a fun road cycling experience for all to enjoy throughout the Canadian rockies. There is a large list of tours you can take, ranging from easy, moderate and difficult. You can choose to cycle away the afternoon or go on a 4 day tour, the Banff National Park provides all that you need with pre-planned tours, hostels, hotels, shopping and restaurants along the way.

There are several cycle shops in Banff allowing you to purchase or rent. Looking for an e-bike rental? We have many to choose from. The roadways in town provide a biking lane, while the mountain highways gives you lots of room on the shoulder.

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